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It Takes a Village

We are a group of Brooklyn moms who are artists within the community. We believe that EARLY art experiences teach kids to think openly, create new meaning, be more tolerant of others’ differences, and gives them the courage to take risks. 

World Travelers

Every event has a geographical theme!  Encourage your child’s CREATIVITY by attending our MULTICULTURAL events. Your child will learn about different cultures and the ways in which those cultures express themselves artistically.

Nibble a Little

We’re excited to have our French culinary trained Executive Chef make our nibbles.  We believe that if the food looks child-friendly and taste great, their palettes will be more open to trying more new foods at home!


Scribbles n' Nibbles

Our Mission and Vision

Scribbles n' Nibbles is a community art organization that provides New York City's youth with healthy food options and guided art instruction.

We believe that our program that will encourage your child to engage in social and creative activities while feeling part of a larger community of children that are just like them. 

Arts-related study, no matter the medium, is critical to building a child’s self-esteem, motor skills, decision making abilities, promoting inventiveness, be more culturally aware, and most of all improve their academic performance. Studies show that there is a correlation between art and other achievement. With most New York City Public schools shutting out most art programs, we believe that creating a space where your child can be creative will help aid in their development. 

By having a trained chef provide carefully selected  nourishment for children to eat, we hope to open up their palettes and their mind by trying new healthy foods. We know that one of the most powerful influences on children's acceptance is simply exposure. By giving your  children repeated opportunities to experience foods they will be more likely to eat healthy options at home. 

Please help us connect with  508,503 at-risk youth in New York! They need us more than ever!!

Articles on Child Development Through Art 




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